Digital Vault for Business

The Granite Digital Document Vault is a Software-as-a-Service platform for businesses to safely and securely store documentation digitally.

The main objective of the digital vault platform is to provide businesses the opportunity to move away from a physical paper filing system to an electronic platform. The benefits of digitising documentation that can be easily accessible is endless.

Financial services companies, credit providers, electronic communications providers, etc. will benefit significantly with keeping record of their clients KYC, FICA, RICA and any other required documents securely hosted in Granite’s digital vault system.

Customers will be able to define their own Required Document Rules (KYC) on the system, link those Rules to specific Business (Entity) types and track what documents have been submitted and what documents are outstanding to ensure full compliance with your own defined Rules.

The platform can be subscribed to for a very affordable monthly subscription fee.

Once your business subscribes to the Digital Vault, you will become an independent operator of the platform with support provide by Granite on how to operate the system.

Any business who wants to subscribe to this advanced and easy to use digital document vault platform can register on > G-Online > PROD > Digital Vault for Business (

Or Contact us for additional information or an obligation free demo. Registration is quick and easy with a standard services agreement to be signed between the Customer and Granite CSD.

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