Digital Vault for Business – Agent Opportunities

Granite has launched its digital document hosting platform called Digital Vault for Business as part of its digital transformation strategy.

As part of Granite’s commitment to create job opportunities, whether direct or indirect, this digital platform will afford agents the opportunity to become part of an indirect sales force and earn long standing commission in this regard.

The digital vault is specifically focused in providing secure hosting services for regulated financial services companies that must keep clients records for Know Your Customer (KYC), FICA and RICA purposes.

The digital vault solution is also suitable for businesses that would prefer to use it for general digital storage purposes.

Agents will be expected to utilize their client reference base and recruit and sell the platform to customers on a monthly rental bases.

A percentage commission will be paid to the Agent on a monthly basis for as long as their referred customer subscribes to the digital vault solution.

Agents can sell the product anywhere in the country and have the opportunity to build a comprehensive portfolio and see how their income grow on a monthly basis.

Anyone with great sales skills and experience, and people who might have a good client base can become a referral agent for the Granite Digital Vault solution.

Should you be interested in becoming a Referral Agent, Contact Us  and a Granite support staff member will get in contact with you.

Training will be provided to approved Referral Agents to sell the solution to customers.

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